Sen. Linda Holmes

SPRINGFIELD – Advocating for better, safer, and less abusive practices with animals, State Senator Linda Holmes passed two new pieces of legislation that will ensure those who work with animals are using best practices

“Our animal companions are not to be subject to greed and inhumane care,” said Holmes (D-Aurora) “These actions are a positive step toward ensuring those providing and connecting us with pets are doing so in the most humane way.”

Senate Bill 1230 changes the definitions of “dog dealer” and “animal shelter” to not include a person who sells dogs at retail to the public and defines that as selling animals at brick-and-mortar establishments that were obtained from breeders or brokers for compensation and not bred on its premises. This closes the loophole pet shop operators use to avoid obtaining dogs from animal shelters and instead from breeders.

“By passing SB 1230, the Illinois Senate will demonstrate its continued dedication to stopping the sale of puppy mill puppies in pet stores,” said Marc Ayers, Illinois State Director for the Humane Society of the United States. “This clean-up bill will ensure full compliance with the Humane Pet Store Law and allow this popular law that passed with super majorities to achieve its consumer protection and animal welfare goals.”

Advocating for safer practices with animals, Holmes also passed Senate Bill 1882, prohibiting testing facilities from conducting canine or feline toxicological experiments. This measure intends to prohibit facilities from abusive testing on animals, while allowing experiments for medical purposes, medical devices, and maintenance of drugs or pesticides as required by federal agencies.

Both measures passed out of the Senate Agriculture Committee Thursday and now head to the Senate for further consideration.